PH7_better_late_than_never_alison_hardcastleWell, I just realized I’m about six days shy of going a month without a post.  It hasn’t been that I didn’t want to right, just that I’ve been so busy with work and life that I could find the time or motivation to do so.  February has been a month of growth and change, not good or bad just needed, and that has taken most of my energy to move through the month and process it along the way.  All that said, I need to do the Month 4 HRT Update so here it is.  It may be somewhat abbreviated but that is only because I’m coming up on Month 5 and I don’t want to apply anything from Month 5 to Month 4.

For this update I am going to start with measurements and then talk a little about mental and physical changes.  As for emotional stuff, I may do that in a separate post that will follow the day after this one…because some very important and serious things have happened in recent days that I can’t go back with what I was feeling as I’m very much centered on the now.

I should note with Month 5, Day 1 I started doing my weight differently.  I had been weighing in after a serious cardio workout that saw me losing at least 3lbs of water, and so for the sake of comparing past weigh-ins to weigh-ins beginning with this month you would need to add three pounds.  I am now taking my weight upon waking up in the morning before any workout, so for sake of the future Day 1, Month one would actually be 247lbs.

Day 1, Month 1 measurements:

  • Weight:  244lbs
  • Chest:  42.5 inches (underbust:  41 inches)
  • Waist:  38 inches
  • Pant/male waist:  40 inches
  • Hips:  43 inches
  • Neck:  16 inches
  • Bicep:  15 inches
  • Wrist:  7 inches
  • Ankle:  9.5 inches

Day 1, Month 5 measurements:

  • Weight:  232 lbs
  • Chest:  40 inches (underbust:  37.5 inches)
  • Waist:  34.5 inches
  • Pant/male waist:  36.5 inches
  • Hips:  40 inches
  • Neck:  14.75 inches
  • Bicep:  13.5 inches
  • Wrist:  6.25 inches
  • Ankle:  8.5 inches

Month four saw some measurements drop a half inch from month three, with the biggest measurement change being a loss of one inch on my hips, but that has more to with changes to my butt and hips which were beginning to happen but which I only truly recognized in the past week.  My weight dropped three real pounds and at this point my monthly goal is 3-4 pounds (I’ve averaged close to four pounds a month since starting HRT).  Anything over that I will be thrilled.  At my age, drastic weight loss may result in loose skin, and I’d prefer to keep it as tight as possible.  In addition, I am changing up my workout routine to less drastic cardio, in favor of rotating cardio and yoga daily.  The calorie burn won’t be as intense, but I think the overall benefits to my changing body will be worth it.

Overall my body has continued to feminize and I am also seeing changes in my face.  With my new found sense of reality, and my approach to taking things a day at a time, I am happy with the changes I am seeing physically.  Again, there has been nothing crazy this month, but not every month brings crazy changes, and I’m realizing that the “crazy” changes are really just recognizing the culmination of a change that has subtly been in the works for quite a while.

As for any emotional changes, well, I continue to express more feminine when the mask is off, and I also find my mannerisms more feminine by nature rather than conscious action.  This has gotten to the point where when feeling good I have been getting identified as queer, especially by women.  While not 100% happy with being identified as a gay man, I am happy that I’m being identified more feminine and so I will take that as progress.  It is also clear to me that the doubling of my blockers in December has definitely seemed to take effect during Month four.  I find myself more anxious and with nervous energy I’ve never had in the past.

As for sexual changes….not much to report.

As I said I screwed this up by waiting so long, because things have happened in Month five and I don’t want to attribute them to Month four by mistake.  So, in other words this is going to be the shortest post I’ve ever done as I wanted to make sure I got it in, and had my measurements down for comparison’s sake.  I will definitely get my Month 5 update done within a couple days of March 9th, as there are a few significant things I want to discuss and make note of in that update.