female-voiceOk, be gentle with me…Seriously, I want honesty.  I’m early in training my voice, and I know it can get much better, but this is the first recording where I’ve gotten out of chest and into throat which I’ve been practicing for a few days now.  This isn’t the best I’ve done, and the recording is kinda grainy, but the question is does it sound female or like a dude doing a female voice.  My natural male voice is down around 116 hertz…this voice is more around 200 hertz (when throat feels good I’ve averaged 216, but also I’ve dropped to 180, all in female range), although it does go up and down.  I don’t need a high voice, I’m tall, and I”m guessing will always appear to be a larger female athlete, so I’m good with that.  I want the voice to fit my body, and sound natural for me.

I know I have to work on prosody, inflection, etc.  Those things only come with practice and use.  My voice is one of my biggest dysphoria triggers, and so my first instinct is to go and get voice surgery so I don’t need to worry about it, but I need to try this first, and even with surgery I would need to train my voice, so this would have to happen anyways.  My point is, it is impossible for me to be objective about how my voice sounds because I naturally cringe anyways.

If you are coming here from Twitter feel free to DM me, post in the comments for the link.  You can also always post in the comments for this post.  If you are finding your way here from elsewhere, I’m also open to your thoughts.  I don’t get offended by honesty, it helps me to improve.  For right now, my concern is:  Is the pitch high enough to pass female on the phone, or will people think it’s a dude pretending.

Thanks for your thoughts, and I will probably do this at least once a month to try and track progress.

So here it is: